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Eagles Ascending The Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia in the 17th Century


NEW! Native Army Hidden/Dummy Unit Markers for TSATF/800FE Colonial Rules. Now, hidden movement and deployment of whole Units is easier and more accurate than ever without need of maps or written records!


The Northwest Frontier Event Deck added to Game Decks for TSATF & 800FE

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As we have feared for sometime, the USPS has raised the rate for International Priority Mail such that TVAG must now charge $35.00 for all Overseas orders (possibly a bit less for Canada) weighing up to four (4) pounds.

Obviously, individual products costing only $10.00, for example, are now punitively overcharged for the postage rate that most reliably and quickly delivers goods to our Overseas customers. Customers may wish to consider ordering at least $35.00 to $50.00 worth of products as the same postage price will cover that much, and frequently even more.

Consequently, TVAG will continue to offer these customers the choice of Priority Mail and the less expensive--but slower and less reliable--First Class Mail. As it is TVAG's policy not to profit from postage at any price, the choice is fairly that of the customer.

When placing orders through our Shopping Cart, you will not see shipping costs added to the purchase price, but you should know in advance the charge for Priority Mail of $35.00 will be added unless you indicate you are willing to accept the risks of the lower priced First Class Mail. You will be notified of this amount and asked either to pay it via PayPal, or allow TVAG to Invoice you for it prior to shipment of your order.

Again, you will be notified of exact First Class Postage costs when your order is acknowledged by E-mail.

Still trying to earn your business, and make your hobby coins go as far as possible, I remain

Faithfully Yours,
Patrick Wilson,

The Old Boy's Current Featured Product:

NEW! Miniatures Subscription Offer Still Open Until
January 15!

Just prior to being waylaid by the witch doctors, TVAG was finally about to release the long promised “Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!” (PAORD) 15mm range of miniatures for a well-loved film about the (almost) U.S. involvement in the wild affairs of Morocco in 1905.

Well, the figures are now ready to be cast for us by the Good Folk of Zombiesmith, so only now can we make you an offer almost as persuasive as a squadron of naval warships with reinforced companies of U.S. Marines at anchor outside your palace!

Order $50.00 or more of any of the figures offered in this range, and have 25% refunded to you via PayPal immediately when processed by TVAG. Follow this link to the "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!" Page, to view the PAORD figures and order them as usual through the Shopping Cart. Upon processing of your order, your 25% Discount will sent through PayPal.

But Wait! There’s more!

The very same deal is offered for everything available from the returning “Rough Riders!” 15mm range for the Spanish-American War. Follow this link and you can view and order these figures, too.

All figures of both ranges are fully compatible with one another, including artillery, machine guns, etc, allowing your games of Yankee Empire Building and Gunboat Diplomacy to cover an ever wider horizon for your games by adding more US troops, Spaniards, and Moros.

This Subscription offer continues until midnight (CST) January 15, 2017.

Figures will be shipped after that date, and regular postage charges still apply.


For Your Information


Where The General Tells You More Than He Knows About What's Going On In The Background Here

August, 2016

Well, Me Heartie's, I'm back from mines of Editoria with a new gem to share with the world.

As clearly stated above, Eagles Ascending is now completed and ready for sale through TVAG and Amazon.  Simply follow the links for more hyperbole--but with the charm of being all true and a first in more ways than one.  If you've ever been interested in the Pike and Shot era, but need to be reminded there was so much more going on after the 30YW and ECW, this is a book that will open your eyes and widen your gaming horizons--it has for me!

Indeed, the details on the Brandenburg-Prussian Navy are a good 1/3 of the work, with remarkable ship's plans and photos of modern models to remind you the Age of Sail didn't begin and end with Nelson (if you happen to be of that school).  It is hoped that the information provided (with specially scaled plans available from TVAG) will inspire modelers and retailers to look more closely at this subject and produce the models needed to give this unique subject the tools it needs to occupy its just place in the pantheon of Naval War Gaming.

Gone To See The Elephant

Yeah, I know, after almost eight years, any talk of this project on this site tends to be treated with Bigfoot and UFO sightings, only harder to fake in PhotoShop.

And yet... I climb out onto that swaying limb, again, to proclaim with the completion of EA, the next full time job is the actual completion of the purpose-built rules system for the Mexican War of 1846-48.  

There is a newly worked map of Buena Vista/La Angosturas to be finished (based directly on that made by US Military Engineers on site after the action), and the addition of the detailed OB for that action, and the work is essentially finished.  There are some more historical articles and lists to add from my archives to complete GTSTE as a resource, as well as the most accurate rules set written for the subject.

That said, the plan is to put "30" on the ms by the end of September (Yes, THIS year!) and possibly offer it for subscription as TVAG has done many times before.  Eventually, GTSTE may wind up on Amazon, but we'll have to see about that.

Naturally, there will appropriate fanfare and a great cacophonous gathering of angels heralding the event on The Day, so watch here, but also TMP and such other Yahoo! Groups, etc, where the news might be appreciated.

In the immortal words of British Field Marshal Haig after his last great bender as Ludendorf's Offensive reached it's climax, "Just one last heave!"

Splendid Little Warriors

Last, but absolutely NOT least, I crawl out on another, even shakier limb, to claim that TVAG will soon be back in the figure manufacturing/selling business, and by "soon," I mean by the end of September.

Full details to follow, but my Casting Master and sculptor, Chris Ferree, has finally gotten his own Work Shed built and populated by our Casting Suite and some 360+ molds after over a year of agonized order refunds for stock we didn't have, and the filling of others by scraping the shelves down to the woodgrain.

As I write this (8/28/16), Chris is completing a detailed inventory of all molds, and marking all with new ID's, coordinating them with our Master Catalog, so that it will be easier than ever to locate each mold needed to fill an order from a given line.  That may sound rather "basic" considering it's only being done now, but so many molds were Richard Houston's (who knew their contents by memory and/or Braille), we are taking this opportunity to correct the over sight.

Not for it's own sake, mind, but in order to implement the next stage of our Glorious Restoration, namely the turning over of day-to-day casting to our new colleagues at Zombiesmith who will act as our Contract Casters, once we have our molds delivered to them.

Josh Qualtieri and his company answered our general SOS a couple of months back, and we are indebted to him for this opportunity not only to return to full production, but to offer a superior product--all casting will be in pewter--and fill orders faster and more reliably than before.  While this may entail minor price increases by TVAG, the benefits for all concerned will far outweigh them.

And not only will all our lines here be back in strength, but we will finally be able to release the "Perdiccaris Alive or Raisuli Dead" range of 15mm figures pertaining to a certain much loved film featuring a much loved Highland Berber.

Other new lines are already nearing completion, not least the Special 15mm Mexican War Range in support of Gone To See The Elephant.  Instead of another line of generic figures for that subject, the Special Range contains only figures not made by anyone previously, filling roles called for in the rules, as indeed the war itself.  All but a few figures have already be completed, and the range should be released shortly after--if not at the same time--as GTSTE.

And watch for a whole new approach to Martian Wars in 15mm--land, sea, and air--as work enters its second year on Edison's Conquest Of Mars (already being chronicled HERE.)

And Now We Return You To Our Regular Scheduled... Commercial Enterprise.

December, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, much in the manner of Mr. Samuel Clemens, I would like to affirm that the reports of my death have been exaggerated!

At least twice to my personal knowledge, observations made by no doubt well meaning citizens on Mr. Bill Armintrout's The Miniatures Page that TVAG had not been updated in "over a year" must have given the impression it was derelict, a dead hand on the wheel, and otherwise that the laws of maritime salvage might be in effect. Not relishing the idea of actually repelling borders intent on stripping me of cargo or brass for salvage, it seemed best if I came up from below and looked alive.


Right, now that's taken care of, let's get to the heart of some of what's been keeping me away from updating this Home Page for so long in the first place.

We Thought The Party Was For Us...
The Good Reasons include work on new product such as the "Northwest Frontier Event Deck" for The Sword And The Flame and 800 Fighting Englishmen, and a full line of other theater specific Event Decks to follow, Rum Runners!, a new range of 54mm/1:32 card model buildings for war games in that scale, of which the first line is Tudor/ECW buildings, "Round Head Real Estate," soon to be formally released, as well as several new additions to "Mean Sets", and "Mean Streets" (though many are still awaiting final test assembly and photography before formal release).

A great deal of time has gone to getting us that close [GESTURING] to completing the last bits for "Gone To See The Elephant," so long promised and perfected. There's even a limited, but completely unique line of 15mm figures, mostly for the Mexican Army, underway which we mean to have ready by Spring, 2016, though the rules themselves should only be a month or less away from publication from the day I make the last heave against the remaining obstacles.

Other projects have also kept us busy, but the main concern comes under the "other" heading....

...Then Somebody Stepped On The Cake...
The Bad Reasons have been especially frustrating since July of 2015 when a particularly dirty bomb dropped on our little parade--and at the most soul-shredding possible moment! After several years of planning, sculpting, correcting, mold making, remaking, and perfecting, the full 15mm "Perdicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead! " (PAORD) range of miniatures, was completed, and ready to be formally released the following Monday when--we learned our shop space for TVAG's Casting Suite was lost, more or less immediately and for keeps.

Since then we have been filling all our other orders from our ever dwindling stocks while looking to the chance of moving into new digs by Spring of 2016. Unfortunately, now even this hope is beginning to look rocky, and we are once again having to consider some even less attractive alternatives to what were not very solid to start with.

TVAG holds the Casting Suite itself, though much is still owned by Richard Houston, as surely as his original figures ranges and their molds are still his, and in keeping with our arrangement, I am loathe to put them into a third party's hands and outside our immediate control. For insurmountable reasons, I cannot personally assume casting duties. And even if it's possible to raise funds to bring the Casting Suite, all molds, supplies, etc, back from Colorado to OKC, there is no existing space here and only a nebulous prospect of finding a competent someone willing to accept an insultingly low wage as Casting Master--a job that is best done out of love for the work as much or more for the returns.

I can continue to sell off my personal war games collections, and even try my hand at GoFundMe (the irony is I need less than 4 or 5K--not a KickStarter Space Program), so, I'm sure you can guess where the last of my functioning follicles have gone of late.

It's the PAORD line where the chancre really g-naws, as they say.

So CLOSE to actual release!!

They're neat figures, all the troops and characters from a certain movie, and even some extra types that can be used across all manner of Colonial War Games of the early 20th C! Arrrgghh! I've been able to post some photos of each of the bag types painted up on their page, though I don't know who I'm teasing, some possible customers or just ourselves.  The sooner we can go back into production, the sooner we can release this new range, as well the expansions to several older ones with their new sculpts, etc, that Chris is still working on.

In the meantime, we're totally sold out of the 25mm Abyssinians, but can still fill at least bits of most other lines. Lots of individual items from the always hot selling Houston 25mm Naval Guns and Fittings line are gone until we can spin them again, while other popular guns are oddly still ankle deep. So please, go ahead and order, or drop us a line with your wants, and we'll let you know what we can do for you, but no one has lost a dime on an order yet, and no one will.

Naturally, this is a major concern and taking no little time and energy, but one which must be resolved--finally and straightaway.

So, Anybody Got A Spare Cake?
Perspectives from outside our box that might help are welcome, but we'll let you know as soon as we can what we're going to do. Film at eleven!


And now, we return you to the dance portion of our broadcast....

"In The Pipe"

This page provides progress reports on the latest projects under development for TVAG. Just click on "In The Pipe" here or on the Navigation Bar button under "Features" to take a first peak at new rules titles, gaming accessories and miniatures lines in various stages of development.

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