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The Courtroom Newly Added to "Mean Sets" now available!


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"We Only Kill Each Other: Life And Death On The Mean Streets, 1920-1935" now available!


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The Old Boy's Special For June, 2019:

This month's Sale is for the PAORD 15mm figure range inspired by an all time wargamer's favorite movie whose title evoked a specific weather feature and a certain apex African predator. The figures may, of course, be used in a wide variety of Colonial Wargames beyond re-fighting sequences from that film, but however you choose to field them, first you've got to have some!

So here's the deal: Buy any 6 packs of figures--horse, foot, guns, or personalities--and get TWO additional packs of the same or lesser price FREE. Buy 12 packs, and get FIVE more free! That's 33% off on the one deal, and 41% off on the other!

Just order whatever you want through the Shopping Cart as usual on the PAORD page, then E-mail TVAG with your list of free items.

Postage rates will be the usual, though large enough orders might require additional postage for larger Priority Mailers. Those preferring to use First Class Mail please request it and then be notified of the actual cost once it has been calculated.

This Sale runs to June 30, 2019. If we sell out of a given item, you'll either be refunded or permitted to choose something else.

"It's been a bad year. Next year will probably be worse!"

But only if you miss this one time offer from TVAG!

For Your Information


Where The General Tells You More Than He Knows
About What's Going On In The Background Here

June, 2019

Work continues on "Viva Juarez!: The French Intervention in Mexico Resource Book." It is expanding in size all the time as more information of all kinds is being added so that while not a narrative history, it will be the place to go for OB's, thumbnail biographies of the protagonists, maps, uniform information, and discussions of key battles.

There is a ton of material to mine, so I'm not crazy enough to promise a release date, but if it's not early this Summer it will be... later. But worth the wait!

We Only Kill Each Other (WOKEO) is still the newest addition to TVAG Publishing. For full details of the game, visit the Rules and Books Page.


Pulp Miniatures

Opening on VE-Day, 2019, Frank McGovern declares his own successful launch of this unique range of New York Gangsters in 28mm. Sculpted to be compatible with other castings for Pulp Gaming (such as those by Bob Murch of "Pulp Figures"), the range features eight of the most (in)famous New York Mob Bosses/Capos such as "Bugsy" Siegel and "Dutch Schulz", plus twenty unique "Soldiers" wielding a wide range of weapons.

A New York based wargamer, Frank McGovern, embarked on his labor of love by engaging UK based sculptor Alan McGuire to produce an original range of 28mm range of gangster and underworld types. The "unique" feature is that the range would provide "portrait" sculpts of New York's most infamous gangsters, personalities never offered in miniature before. So far, eight of the most important of these have already been molded, including Arthur "Dutch Schultz" Flegenheimer, Otto "Abba Dabba" Berman (The Dutchman's Policy Numbers genius), Owen "Owney" Madden, Jack "Legs Diamond" Moran, Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Meyer "The Mobs Accountant" Lansky, and the very man whose remark named the rules and this range, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. More of these pivotal characters in the history of the Mafia and Organized Crime are in the works, including Albert "The Lord High Executioner" Anastasia, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, Mendy Weiss, Abe Reles and others associated with "Murder Incorporated," as well as more historical personalities.

As Frank points out, previous ranges of gangsters seem fixated on Chicago, while these other arguably more significant Mafiosi and Associates are well remembered, but never yet given the same attention.

Not only are these an ambitious selection of Character types as called for in the rules We Only Kill Each Other, but a series of vignettes for life--and death--in underworld will be offered. Already finished is "Cement Shoes," and "The Hot Seat" (see photos above), and more of these Crime Vignettes are planned, such as "Albert Last Haircut," and other memorable scenes.

The wait is over! Click on the link above to see, if nothing else, one of the best illustrated figures ranges ever offered!

Viva Juarez!--This Much Closer [Gesturing] to Full Release
For those wondering why this range hasn't been formally re-released yet, the answer is embarrassingly plain: I've spent the weeks since January working to complete the edit/expansion of a ms by long-time wargamer, Ron Vaughan, that will now be released as "The Wargamer's Resource Book for The French Intervention in Mexico." Already bristling with weapons data and illustrations, army profiles of all the combatants (even Banditos and Indios), exquisite period maps acquired with permission from Mexico's Mapoteca Orozco y Berra, color uniform plates, and the indispensable OB's from the Preziosi Collection.

It has taken much longer than originally anticipated to procure the maps and make other critical additions to the work, but upon release by late this Spring, it will be the last word on the subject under one cover. And as such, it will perfectly complement the original TVAG 28mm miniatures range now to be released at the same time, if not before.

Among the new sculpts and castings that help to complete this range are new Color Bearers for all units previously without them, full artillery selections for both Republican and Imperialist/French forces, and special Officer/Leader figures for Republican Guerrillas.

All Artillery (Light, Medium, and Heavy, where appropriate) will come as one gun with limber and the buyer's choice of crew type (Republican Regular or Irregular, French or Imperial), and draft animals (4 Horses or 4 Oxen).

Returning as part of the "Viva Juarez!" range will be two classic Ox-Cart models originally offered by Richard Houston. A Small two-wheeled Ox-Cart drawn by a pair of oxen, and a large four-wheeled type with four oxen are each available singly. Not only are they perfect for use in Mexico, they will serve nicely for any number of other eras and places.

Infantry will be offered in units of twenty figures, including a Color Bearer and Officer. An appropriate full color flag will be included in each bag. Cavalry will be sold in twelve-figure units with Officer.

I'm peddling as fast as I can on completing the book, but believe me, the wait will be worth it!

"Mean Streets/Sets" Progress
Well, now it looks like the "Tiki Bar" may be delayed in favor of completing a long dreamed of new Neighborhood, "The Harbor." Of the five component sets, one has been available for sometime--Block Section #7, including the Fish Market, IWW Union Hall, The Mariner's Rest hotel, and the Harbor Master's Office. Soon to be added are The Wharf (a 30" long section high above the water), and two large warehouses (Strombergs Universal Freight & Cargo, and the Uranium Steamship Company) to stand along its landward edge. The final Block Section will be the site of shops for Nautical Salvage, Maps and Navigation, Ship's Supplies of all kinds, and the most dangerous dive on the docks, "Shanghai Lil's!"

Thanks to the continuing services of first class gamer and modeler, Glen Allison, these new additions should be available by June.

More "Mean Sets" and "Mean Streets" are continuously in development, and all are designed for use with We Only Kill Each Other, or any other RPG.

More 54mm Wargame Buildings--"On The Border"
TVAG continues to support 54mm miniatures wargamers and collectors with this latest addition of an entire Southwestern/Mexican adobe village. Consisting of six distinct buildings ranging in size from 4" square to 10" square, with wall sections, including a Cantina and a Church, players of Western games or Mexican Revolution scenarios now have all they need to conduct large or small scale games with the buildings necessary to make their miniatures feel right at home!

Such buildings in other media could cost hundreds of dollars and require painstaking paint jobs, but these card designs, self printed from the PDF's sold here, are permanent, sturdy, and anything but flimsy if built using foam core as all other such TVAG designs encourage. 
"Tudor Towne" even come with genuine ECW era posters to mount on their walls!

More 54mm Building Collections for other times and places are in the works. If you have a preference, let me know!

What's Next!
We have received our first restock of Chris Ferree's/Richard Houston's original Tibetans for the 1904 British incursion. Now cast in pewter, with all individually cast weapons, including their signature Jingals, it's just a matter of getting samples assembled and photographed before I can add theirs to the Splendid Little Warriors pages. If anyone will give me an E-mail prod, I'll jump that much faster!

The Rajah Brooke range of 15mm castings for use with The Kris And The Flame, will STILL be re-released ASAP now that new molds have been made of the original castings of Malay, Dyaks, Ilunan, and Chinese Pirates, and Royal Navy sailors and landing parties. The existing range of inexpensive, easy to build card stock ship models will be partially revised and released at the same time. Our plans to create new war canoes and other models cast in either metal or resin are still in place, too.

Knights of The Pacific Northwest also returns later this year. The Tlingkit and Russian figure ranges have both been expanded, including new warriors, Russian sailors and Marines. The original rules, with some new additions, will be released at the same time.

There are so many more 25mm Colonial ranges to bring back--too many to list here--but it appears the logjam that faced the RR! and PAORD ranges has broken, and now the flow of old and new ranges can begin!

And now, we return you to the dance portion of our broadcast....

"In The Pipe"

This page provides progress reports on the latest projects under development for TVAG. Just click on "In The Pipe" here or on the Navigation Bar button under "Features" to take a first peak at new rules titles, gaming accessories and miniatures lines in various stages of development.

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