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Now Available! 54mm/1:32 Resin Cast War Game & Collectible Figures First Range: Imperial Japanese Army & Navy, 1886-1911!


TSATF/800FE & "Funny Little Wars" "Terrain Effects Decks" Subscription Successfully Closes! Visit the Game Card Decks Page!


TSATF/800FE & "Funny Little Wars" "Terrain Effects Decks" Subscription Opens NOW on the Game Card Decks Page!

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Due to the punishing costs of Overseas Postage, TVAG will continue for the foreseeable future to offer our customers around the world the choice between International Priority and the less expensive (but slower and less reliable) First Class Mail.  As it is TVAG's policy not to profit from postage at any price, the choice is fairly that of the customer.

Our overseas customers will not see shipping costs added to their purchase price, but will be notified of exact postage costs when the order is acknowledged by E-mail.

Still trying to keep your business, and make your hobby coins go as far as possible, I remain
Faithfully Yours,
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The Old Boy's Current Featured Product:


After three long years of development, TVAG takes pride in finally announcing the release of the All American Made ranges of 54mm/1:32 scale resin cast toy soldiers suitable for both war gamers and collectors. Perfect for use with Funny Little Wars or any other preferred rules, the figures are designed for gaming, but make great displays and dioramas as well.

Figures come with separate arms for variable posing, and are offered cast in proper uniform colors of the buyer's choice, with horses currently available in black or brown. The resin used was especially developed to take paint without need for priming, and is itself of a matte finish allowing the choice of painting flesh, kit, and weapons only, if so desired.

The first range is the complete Imperial Japanese Army & Navy for the era of the Sino-Japanese War, Boxer Rebellion, and Russo-Japanese War. Every troop type and many logistical support troops are provided, and all may be seen and ordered HERE.

Starting next year, spring loaded cannon will be offered as well. Armies of the Balkan Wars will follow, along with US Army figures for the 1916 Campaign in Mexico, plus many other collectible and war game useful items (motorcycles, bicycle troops, pilots, etc).

For full details and more, go and take a look--we think you'll like what you see!


A new concept for war games, here applied to two particularly well suited systems, the classic Colonial rules, Larry Brom's The Sword And The Flame , its Battalion level variant, 800 Fighting Englishmen, and Padre Paul Wright's Funny Little Wars.

Most war games provide standard-- and predictable--movement penalties when units move through forest, cross streams, climb hills, or traverse rough terrain. And while these particular game titles provide variable movement rates, there is always room for more drama and uncertainty.

Using the appropriate Game Deck and the Terrain Markers that come with them, it is now possible to "rate" a given terrain feature in six variables of visibility within it, cover provided, possible unit formations, and more ranges of movement than covered in the basic rules.

Now, rather like in fact, a model terrain feature doesn't have to look like it's "Hard," or "Easy" as laid out. It's only when scouts or whole units enter do they find out what it's really going to be like once in it.

When entered, simply draw a card for the terrain type, and all the effects are there to read. The small markers locate and define where the conditions on the card apply--but the other side won't know until entering himself!

Already at the Printers, and coming soon, it's still possible to buy at the Subscription rate--until they are delivered, that is. So save some money and add even more suspense to your games by going to read more about each. Just click a card cover, and you're there!

For Your Information


Where The General Tells You More Than He Knows About What's Going On In The Background Here

September, 2014

Time Flies When You're Going Nuts....

Good Grief! It's been a full, bloody year since I last put words on this page! Shame, shame, you little TVAG Twit!

Okay, only excuse is the non-stop pace of new products and projects that are only now reaching something like a tipping point, plus the fact that spending time here means using time I should be pouring into wrapping some of these things up, or so it feels.

That said, here are just a few of the opportunities TVAG has been afforded since July of '13.

ITEM--TVAG Finally Releasing First 54mm/1:32 Miniatures--"Little Warriors"

Besides bringing back the wonderful products originally offered by Richard Houston ("Lyzard's Grin," etc) at bargain prices, now TVAG is releasing our first line of miniatures completely unique to the industry.

This became possible--or at least, practical--with the purchase last Summer of a 2nd (3rd?) hand vulcanizer from Tom Dye, formerly of GFI. It's taken a year to arrange for our casting suite to be located, have power run to it, and begin to learn the dark arts (your hands do get black) of making molds from Chris Ferree's original sculpts.

We had produced the first two new molds when gremlins struck, but with the new parts installed, the vulcanizer is working again and we are ready to pick up where we left off.

The week of September 22 is "D-Day" for the launch of the famously slow and long delayed range of our TVAG's first foray into 54mm/1:32 scale war game figures, "Little Warriors." Some three years in development, the production molds are in hand, our first batch of samples going out to Retailers here in the US who may wish to carry these cast resin figures.

The first release is Japanese Army and Navy personnel uniformed for 1886-1911, complete with Infantry, Cavalry (& Dismounted Troopers), Naval Brigade Infantry, Gun Crews, Hotchkiss MG's Crews, Command (for individual units, as well as game Brigades to Divsions) with special Staff, Color & Standard Bearers, Buglers/Trumpeters, Officers on foot and mounted, and Support troops, including Artillery Spotters w/Rangefinders, Signals (Pigeon's and Semaphore), Cook, Baker, Field Hospital Staff (Surgeon, Orderlies, Stretcher Team w/casualty on stretcher), Wagon & Auto Drivers, Passengers, and more.

To our knowledge, no war game/collectible figures have ever been released in such a complete manner, and if more expensive than those plastic figures mostly produced in China, they are far cheaper than anything remotely like them in metal. Indeed, most of these figures cannot be gotten in any other medium at all, in any scale.

More on this now that the " LITTLE WARRIORS " Webpage is open to the public.

ITEM: "Pedicaris Alive, Or Raisuli Dead!"

That was TR's campaign Slogan in 1904 in response to a kerfluffle in Morocco that actually ended peacefully. But luckily for war gamers, Director John Milius, decided it should have ended differently and gave us the classic film, The Wind And The Lion .

This much watched and re-watched joyride has been the inspiration of countless miniatures scenarios ever since it's release nearly 40 years ago(!), but until now, no war game figures have been available for anyone to play out its scenes with exactly what is needed.

Well, starting years ago, then sidetracked by that pernicious influence called "Real Life," sculptor Chris Ferree began cranking out what has now become the complete range of figures and characters in True 15mm, and what has already begun to be a mirrored range in True 25mm.

The final 15mm production molds of this range, to be sold under the moniker matching the famous slogan (or "PAORD") are to be cut over the next month or so, and offered as a new "Battle In A Box," like those of years ago formerly offered by Richard Houston.

In that tradition, each box is now supposed to include all soldier and character types associated with a dramatic action sequence including the historical Raisuli (afoot and mounted), German Infantry, French Cavalry, a pair of field guns & crews (including some Berbers, just in case they should capture one), and scads of (well, enough) mounted and dismounted Berber warriors. But it's complete only with a certain mother and two children, a particularly nasty Hun Officer, and an especially dashing US Marine Lieutenant. Printed card stock, self assembly models of a certain Berber coastal town, and some basic ideas for playing with all this using the classic The Sword And Flame rules, though any other preferred set can be used.

The retail price is still pending, but will be a bargain--just watch!--and the tentative release date will be just in time for Christmas Shopping (barring the unforeseen, as ever).

The True 25mm versions of these same figures--and others already finished--will launch after the 15mm figures are out and offered in open stock.

As usual, a TVAG Subscription will be offered for PAORD, and price, as usual, to save significant shekels to help launch the works, so please keep your eyes open for the news.

August, 2013

ITEM: The Return of "TRUE" 25mm and 15mm War Game Figures via "Splendid Little Warriors."

With the acquisition of Richard's Houston's molds and casting suite for his classic Colonial (et al) miniatures lines, including most of the artillery, all of his Naval Guns and Ship Fittings, and more in October, 2012, TVAG has finally been able remarkably to position ourselves as we have always dreamed since opening ten years ago, but never really expected.

In July of this year, TVAG acquired our own full sized, 800+-lb vulcanizer, and have now begun making our molds of both new and old figures.

With longtime sculptor Chris Ferree as our Casting Master (already filling orders with Richard's former Spin Caster and melting pot), we are now ideally set-up to produce all of his latest sculpts, in all scales, and for a fraction of our earlier expenses. This, plus the near ton of metal we already have, will help to keep our prices to remain low in an age of less disposable income for many in the hobby.

Under the umbrella imprimatur of "Splendid Little Warriors," TVAG has already begun to return lines of miniatures sculpted and cast back in the days when a 25mm figure was, by and large, 1" high, before the era of "scale creep" So many of we Grognards of the Hobby started out with what was available in the 80's (and before), building large collections, but with the inevitable holes to be filled.

But with the advent of "scale creep," and the passing of some companies, it gradually become difficult to impossible to continue as we started, often leaving us with the bitter choice between doing without, or dumping them and starting over with newer, more expensive--and admittedly mostly superior--sculpts in "28mm" and larger.

Well, TVAG can now provide at least a broadening and deepening selection of "TRUE 25's," at least in support of Colonial Era War Gaming. The first three lines include the Abyssinians, Asante's, and Maori's originally produced over 30 years ago by then neophyte sculptor Chris Ferree. Lines soon to follow in re-release will be the 25mm Sikh Wars line (the first such line, and still the most comprehensive in its scale), Manchu/Qing Chinese, Tibetans, and more. Since those days, Chris works in effectively all scales, and with ever greater precision.

Better still, the first three lines, at least, will soon have altogether new poses and figure types added to complete them for wider use, and to match specific rules variants to use with The Sword And The Flame. These variants, along with organizational, tactical, uniform and other data, will be free or inexpensively on each line's page in order to help gamers know what to buy and how to use them. The new figures will be far better looking than some of the older, weaker entries, but all will still be "TRUE 25's," matching the others in the same and related lines.

Watch for these new releases here and through the usual promotional sites!

ITEM: "Good Night, Nurse! Now He's Sellin' T-Shirts!"

Well, the new First Link on the new Navigation Bar is for real, and ready to rock 'n roll! Not only will you find some one-of-a-kind T-shirts that may appeal to eclectic tastes, but there are a number of other items I think will be practical additions to any war gamer's field kit for game night, at home or on the convention trail. Please give 'em a look, and know that more original designs are going to be added whenever my medication wears off and the ideas just... come....

ITEM: Work Continues on Cordite And Steel II

Now that "Houston's Naval Guns & Ship Fittings" are back, the exhaustive and accurate Naval Gun Data of The World for the period of roughly 1890-1945 will start being offered here at TVAG with gun collections being offered by national navy. There will be more background info on that new page when I can finish building it, but my colleague, Chris Ferree, has been able to make more up-to-date computer runs of gun data from all Navies from programs originally developed by the late Eric Just as part designing the miniatures naval game Cordite And Steel (C&S) published back in the 70's by TSR.

Newly improved computer programs now provide all the gun data any game player or naval history buff would want. Using muzzle velocity, angle of fire, shell weight and shape (from ogival radii), and height of platform above the water, the program provides danger spaces against all targets in 5' increments up to 50' above the waterline, penetration values of Krupp Cemented Armor (and equivalents) in 100' increments all the way out to maximum range, and the percentile chances to hit with the first shot, with extra chances of subsequent hits in the same solution.

Only very limited amounts of this data were provided with the original printing of Cordite And Steel , but now we have decided to release it all as a service to any and all anywhere who can appreciate the data.

Not surprisingly, C&S is slated to return with some rules changes, the most significant of which being the means of determining hits without requiring the use of the traditional 4-Umpire Team. The game can still be played in any scale (with appropriate adjustments to ranges), but now even lends itself to the table top for the larger scales (1:2400 up to 1:6000).

Last remaining bottleneck involved with C&S returning lies in the transcription of the several hundred Ship Record Cards. These provided the personalized Hit Tables (percentage chances of hitting any one part of the ship), and the Armor equivalents for use with the Penetration Table for any AP shot that might strike. These cannot be calculated by a single formula by players alone, so the original Cards must be brought back in a new graphic format befitting the 21st Century.

We have a cunning plan to address this, and that, too, will come along in due course!

And now, we return you to the dance portion of our broadcast....

"In The Pipe"

This Page provides progress reports on the latest projects under development for TVAG. Just click on the "In The Pipe" here or on the Navigation Bar button under "Features" to take a first peak at new rules titles, gaming accessories and miniatures lines in various stages of development.

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