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  FauxToys strongly recommends 3M Corporation's Scotch® Double-Stick Tape for securing Railroad Wraps in both permanent and temporary applications. It is a thin clear film with adhesive on both sides.

Scotch® Double-Stick tape is available in supermarkets, discount stores and craft stores in the standard small dispensers under the names Double-Stick Tape and Double Sided Tape.

Art- and office-supply stores also carry it in larger rolls for office-type dispensers under the name Double-Coated Tape. 3M assures me that these are all the same product.

  Be sure to get the permanent Double-Stick tape. DO NOT USE Scotch REMOVABLE Double Sided Tape or bargain brands of two-sided tape - they generally do not have the strength to hold the wraps over time.

Double-Stick Tape is a very neat, precise, and vapor-free method of mounting which allows for repositioning during installation. It is strongly recommended.

Spray glue or contact cement tends to ooze from under the edges of the wrap, and often leaves permanent fingerprints. Over time, glue solvents may discolor or affect the wrap. White glue (such as Elmer's®) or other water-based adhesives may warp the wrap and fail to adhere to the car.


General Tips for Using Double Sided Tape
Surfaces should be dry and free of dust and oil.

Avoid wrinkles when laying down tape. It is better to use two short pieces with no wrinkles or overlaps, than one long piece with wrinkles.

Do not put tape on sharp inside-curved surfaces such as boxcar corners.

Avoid touching the tape surface more than necessary.

If tape runs over the edge of the wrap, cut it off with scissors or a hobby knife.

Place a tape-backed wrap down lightly at first. If necessary, lift to adjust position. When you are satisfied, press down harder and slide the fingers from one end to the other. You can use a piece of paper to protect the surface of the wrap while pressing and smoothing.

on poor-condition or refinished cars – Tape the wrap directly to the car body. Put tape along edges of the wrap (except at pre-curved areas). (One side of box-style car wrap shown)


On tankcars and some other special cases, it is easier to apply the tape to the car, rather than to the wrap. Follow the full instructions for those cars

on valued cars – Make sure the tape only sticks the wrap pieces to one another, and does not contact the surface of the car. (Both sides of box-style car wrap shown). Full Instructions on Temporary Mounting


SMALL PIECES (Permanent Mounting)
For small detail pieces on curved surfaces, such as refrigerator car ice hatches or the heralds and grilles on locomotives, double sided tape may not provide enough strength. Instead, use small amounts of super-glue or contact cement. Tweezers will keep you from getting glue on your fingers or the visible surfaces of the car.

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