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Resin Cast Fortifications
for The Kris and the Flame

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New War
Game Accessories
for the East Indies in the Era of 
Rajah Brooke

The Kris
and the Flame
Accessories from
Studio 33

Sculpting Master Chris Ferree now adds a new line of 15mm resin cast accessories to improve the look of your games and the expand the possibilities of your scenarios.

These accessories, uses of which are already addressed in his rules, now take your battles against Dyak and other Philippine Seas Pirates to a higher level of action and excitement. Floating Booms and River Pilings block approaches to Riverine/Coastal Forts and may be used to direct attacking ships into previously laid lines of fire. Bamboo walled Forts and Gun Emplacements can now also be constructed to make your Pirate Lairs even tougher nuts to crack!

All models are made of cast resin and come in an off-white color, ready to paint.

The Bamboo Fort Walls sets come with three wall sections and three bases, one straight and two with angled edges to allow left or right turn corners or continue to run straight so that square or rectangular designs of any size may be constructed.

Fort Gates come in pairs. (Defenders need a way out as well as in!)

The Gun Emplacements may be used as stand-alone strong points on beaches or to cover approaches, but may also be incorporated as wall sections of your Forts.

The River Booms and Pilings are "waterline" models which may be laid on your river or ocean surface. The Booms come in sets which include one 6" long piece and two 2" pieces to allow longer booms to be broken in 1" increments and removed from play.

15mm Scale Sets And Prices

(All Prices Are POSTPAID)
River Booms

River Booms

Four pieces, 1" wide
Price: $6.00

River Pilings

River/Coastal Pilings

Two different pieces, 1" x 2" x 1.5"

Price: $5.00

Wall Sections

Bamboo Fort Walls

Three pieces, each 2" x 1.5" with three bases (front and back views provided)

Price: $8.00

Gate Sections

Fort Gates

Two 2" x 1.5" with bases

Price: $6.00

Gun Emplacement

Gun Emplacements

One piece, 1" x 1.5" x 1.5" (three shown for details).

Price: $6.00

Fort Set

Fort Starter Set

Four Wall And One Gate Set (a $38.00 value)

Price: $30.00--Postpaid!

Ordering Instructions

Resin Cast Fortifications --All orders for any number of Sets require $5.00 Domestic and $10.00 for Foreign Postage (with the exception of the Fort Set which is Postpaid within the U.S., and $5.00 Foreign).

15mm & 25mm Warship Models
for The Kris and the Flame (and more!)

Native Buildings
for The Kris and The Flame
Full-color cardstock huts and longhouses in both 15mm and 28mm scales for your native forts and villages.


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