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FauxToys Brings Back the Fun and Beauty of the Lithographed Toy

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Kids who grew up in the 1920s through the 1960s fondly remember the lithographed metal toys that brightened their playtimes. Today, these colorful, imaginative playthings are avidly sought by collectors who prize their design and artistry and their expression of a time gone by.

One of the foremost creators of litho toys was the Louis Marx Company of New York. Their brightly printed windup toys, playsets and toy trains, amazingly affordable and usually extremely rugged as well, defined the childhoods of millions of children, both in America and abroad.

FauxToys honors the memory of Marx and the other great toymakers by producing rugged plastic/paper foldup toys, and wraps for existing metal toys. Now you can inexpensively add new items to your collection by wrapping poor-condition or common toys in new skins, designed in the style and spirit of the classic toymakers.

We hope FauxToys will bring back the memories of the great toy companies of the past, and will add some freshness and new dimensions to your current collection.

PRR Green Engine
Railroad Wraps
  for Classic Marx® Tin Cars
  and Locomotives

Convert your common or poor-condition cars
into striking new designs.

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